Pros of Mini Dental Implants

  • Small in size: It has a small diameter which enables it to be placed without having to undergo complex flap surgery.
  • Short healing time: In most cases, the mini implants can be fixed in the jaw and the prosthetic tooth fixed on the same day with minimal risk.
  • Less invasive: It does not require surgery like dentures and heals much faster than surgery.
  • Cost friendly: It is small in size and around three times less expensive than conventional implants.
  • Prevents facial collapse: The mini implant is fixed in your jawbone like a tooth root. This prevents bone loss or facial collapse that occurs when someone is missing teeth.
  • Comfortable: Unlike dentures, mini implants do not slip or cause discomfort. On the contrary, they are used to improve denture retention.
  • Loading: because of its fast healing rate, the prosthetic tooth can be loaded immediately after placing the mini implant.
  • Safe: Because of its small diameter, it poses little threat to interfering with anatomical structures

Cons of Mini Dental Implants

  • Vertical bone requirement: They cannot be used in an area of the jaw with inadequate vertical bone or where there has been bone loss. This is because the mini implants require bones to support them. In addition adequate vertical bone prevents the implant from interfering with maxillary canal and the nerves in the mandibular canal.
  • Denture Care: They require a lot of care compared to traditional dentures. This lowers their shelf life which is capped at seven years. In addition, force exerted by chewing, grinding of teeth, eating food can further weaken them. Therefore, care has to be taken with what one eats. A premium denture can be fabricated to enhance rigidness.

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