Zantex Bridges

Hi, I’m Dr. Todd Shakin, and welcome to this Monday morning Minute. Today I want to talk to you about our brand new Zantex bridges, the roundhouse bridges with the Zantex material that we’ve been talking about in our courses. We’re really excited about launching this product. It’s brand new.

It is a fiberglass reinforced ceramo resin framework that was developed, developed by Dr. Terry Jorno, the prior owner of Intralock. And you know from experience that Terry Zhono only comes out with the very, very best products. He’s been a great friend of mine for many, many years now, and he developed this Zantex material that goes underneath the porcelain crowns that we put over the top. As you can see, this is a one piece framework, but individual beautiful porcelain crowns get cemented on top of it.

These are all cemented in the lab so that when you get the case, it’s all ready to go. It is extremely durable. But the great advantage of this is we can use these as fixed detachable bridges over our housings, and it can be removed for cleaning in the dental office, not by the patient. If you ever have an implant fail, this material can easily be drilled through, and we have a new implant placed in a slightly different position. This is something that Zirconia did not offer us.

So we’ve got this new framework that’s extremely durable with porcelain crowns over the top. You’ve got the wearability of the porcelain crowns, the durability of a framework that’s flexible enough to be utilized. If you have an implant fail, you can remove it and check the implants when they come in for their cleanings and then put it back in place. It’s also significantly lighter than the Zirconia roundhouses, and it’s much less brittle than they are. And also it’s repairable because if one of these crowns were to break or come off very easily, take an impression to make a new crown.

So there’s a tremendous number of advantages to this product. It is labor intensive in the lab, but it’s a beautiful result, and you’re going to love it. So I highly encourage you to try our new Zantex framework, roundhouse bridges on one of your upcoming cases. If you have any questions about this either give me a call. Give our lab a call, and they can talk to you about it.

But basically, you do the same thing you do as far as records and everything else that you would do for a roundhouse or a fix on six restoration. I hope you enjoy this Monday morning minute, and I look forward to seeing you next time.