Wax Bite Rims

Hi, I’m Dr. Todd Shatkin, and welcome to Monday Morning Minute. Again, I’m so glad that this program is working out for everybody because it seems like a lot of positive feedback. Today I’m going to be talking about when to use a wax bite rim. Seems obvious, right?

You’re going to use them, obviously, when you’re doing denture setups, right? It’s also very convenient to use these when you’re making a roundhouse fixed bridge. And I use them very frequently when I have a dentalist arch and I need to make a full arch restoration, whether it’s fixed on six or a cemented roundhouse. And also, if there’s just a few teeth left, we can still use a wax bite rim. Jim makes fabulous wax rims that will need very little adjustment for you.

So simply take your preliminary impression either before or after the implants are placed, and we will be happy to fabricate your wax bite rims for you. When you use those wax bite rims, make sure to mark the midline and mark the smile line so you have the patient smile and mark right where the bottom of their lip line shows on the wax and mark the midline. Get all that selected. And don’t forget to select your teeth shades and your molds if you’re working with denture teeth. But by all means, use those wax bite rims whenever you have a full arch case that you need to make sure you get that bite right on. Thank you for joining us again on this Monday Morning Minute, and I will see you next week.