Visiting Dr. Lascari’s Beautiful New MDICA

Good morning and welcome to this Monday morning minute. I’m here with Fitz and Dr. Quinby Lascari out here in New Orleans. And we’re at our beautiful new Mini Dental Implant Center of America here in New Orleans, Louisiana. And what a great time we’ve had this morning. Congratulations on this beautiful, beautiful, brand new office. You must be so thrilled.

I am. We’ve been open since mid May, so a couple of months. It’s really fantastic. The decor is beautiful. I understand your sister helped you. My sister in law did the interior decorating in here, and my husband did the It work, and then my brother in law did all the artwork that’s in here. This is truly a family business, right? It’s a family affair. Well, you have been in practice for how many years now? Eight years. Eight years. Do something totally different. And we’re a site you just have done doing two lower dental days here.

We’re really thrilled to be here and to experience this with you. And as you know, the Mini Dental and Fund Centers of America is a business and marketing opportunity, and I’m 100% convinced that this is going to be incredibly successful for you. Thank you. We’re excited for you not to do general dentistry anymore.

Well, right now you don’t even have a hygiene. But you kind of remind me of Dr. Diana Rodriguez up in Union City, New Jersey, because about four years ago, she came to one of our seminars and she got started with mini implants. She got into the Mini Dental Implant Center of America. She bought the combine. She did everything that you’re doing that we recommended for her, and she is reaping the benefits tremendously. And I really see two to three years from now, you’re going to be hitting a groove where you’re going to be just seeing so many patients that need medicine. Wonderful. Yeah, it’s going to happen this year, but it’s going to grow and grow every year. And in two to three years, you’re going to have an incredible practice. This is a brand new building. It’s beautiful down here.

She’s had great growth potential for her office. She has six operators, have six treatment rooms all together. We’re working out of two right now. Beautiful. It’s great.

About a year ago, my wife told me that I need to start visiting all of our mini implant center owners practices, and we’re making it our goal this year to try to do that. We now have 75, so I’m sure we won’t get to all of them in one year, but we’re really going to try to visit the mini implant centers one at a time and try to make you all feel like you’re really part of the Shatkin family. We know you are. We want you to feel that way. But we’re thrilled to be here with Dr. Lascari here, and her name is Keeley, and we’re just thrilled to be here.

Thank you all so much for filming. I love you all. Being here, it just helped me with my confidence because it was my first couple of cases today and it went really smoothly. And I’m just really excited to change people’s lives, especially with a loose lower denture. For eight years, I worked in a high volume practice, mainly medicaid, and they would come back and they’re like, doc, can you do anything for me? My lower denture is so loose. At the time, I just said, no, I can’t, I can’t help you. But now I can. And I’m thankful for that.

I got to tell you, he did a perfect job. He placed four implants on each of those patients beautifully. It took less than an hour for each one, which is normally it takes you at least a dozen cases before you get to the group where you can get it done in less than now. You did a great job, beautiful work, and the results are going to be great. Patients are going to be happy. The patients were extremely happy. Yeah. They said that they grin ear ear. They were really happy. Yeah.

They said they don’t come back for multiple visits. They were very happy. So you interviewed them afterwards? I did, yeah. They interviewed the patients. They couldn’t say enough about you. So you’re off to a fantastic start. Good. And we’re so excited for you guys.

Yeah. So, anyway, thanks again, everybody, for joining us on this Monday morning minute and we’ll be back with you next Monday. Thank you very much. It was great coming here from Louisiana. Covington, Louisiana. Beautiful, beautiful place. Thank you. Keeley thank you.