Visiting Dr. Eklund’s Brand New Office

Good morning and welcome to this Monday morning Minute. We’re so excited to be down in Maryland here with Dr. Eklund in his brand new office in Hakerstown, Maryland. And we just got an amazing tour of this facility. He’s got 14 operators, four surgical suites. I can’t even count all the different offices he’s got here and an amazing staff. And he did a beautiful job for his mini dental implant center of America down here in Hagerstown, Maryland. Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment here.

Well, thank you, Todd. And thank you, Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® And your personal mentorship. It’s really what changed what I do. It allows me to have the opportunity not only to become a better dentist, but I think I’m a better person. Just understanding how Todd is able to develop relationships within his team and me being able to observe that. Mark, behind the camera right here sits over here. I think all of us that have been around Todd and his group have seen that it’s just not a business for them. Yes, they want us to be successful, but it’s really so that we can have a better life. And I have had a better life as a dentist since I’ve become a part of the Shatkin family.

So thank you, Todd, you’re very well. It’s our honor, really to have you as part of the family, Eklund your lovely wife, it’s just been so wonderful. And to meet your family and your daughter and everything about you is just amazing. And truthfully, I’m blown away by this beautiful, beautiful facility. We heard from the local politicians, the state politicians were here to do your ribbon cutting and you just have to be glowing right now. It’s such a proud moment for you and we’re just really happy to be part of it here.

Dr. Todd, can I just chime in? Dr. Ben, I would personally like to thank you for inviting us down, all of us at checking first, mark, Leah, Dr. Todd and myself. What you’ve done over when we were down here last time in the very beginning, this is unbelievable. If anybody wants to see the epitome of how a mini implant center can grow, this gentleman right here is a testament to how well you can do it. You just follow our procedures and do what you need to do and understand and keep getting educated on the mini implants and it’ll change your life.

We understand he’s got a new associate joining the practice to help him fill all these amazing chairs, which will be great. And two hygienists working nonstop and the eye smile whitening. It’s going to be amazing what you’re doing here. We’re just thrilled to be part of it. Brett, congratulations to you and your family. Thank you.

We’re really excited. And I know there’s some b-roll that we’re going to show of your video of your office. So I think Susan is going to get some b-roll that they can watch and see the beautiful tour of this office facility that we took today. And we’re just really excited for you. And just thank you very much for inviting us down here. And thank you all for joining us on this Monday morning minute.