Tru Lok O-Cap Housings

Hi, I’m Dr. Todd Shatkin, and welcome to this Monday Morning Minute. A couple of weeks ago, I talked to you about our newest product, our Tru Lok Peak Abutments. Now, I’m going to talk to you about another new product that we’ve been working on here at Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® The Tru Lok abutment was one of them. The other product I’ve been working on for a while now are the Tru Lok O-Cap housing. And these are really, really nice addition to our line of implant products.

What we have is a new housing material that comes in three different strengths. It’s got a yellow, a pink, and a clear. The clear is the strongest. It’s called extra strong. That cap is very, very strong and very hard to get off. The pink one is our strong cap, and the yellow one is our standard cap. Now, a couple of the nice features of these caps are as follows. They’re smaller than the O-ring housing. So what’s nice about that is the diameter and the height of the O-ring housing is larger than the O-Cap, and it allows us to use them in dentures where we may not have as much space in the Acrylic.

The other nice thing about it is they’re stronger in retention and they will not wear out nearly as fast as the O-ring. So you won’t have to replace these very often at all. So you have a choice. You can continue to use the O-ring housings and O-rings if you choose or you can choose our Tru Lok O-Cap housings, which are now available to you. And I want to show you how you easily insert the O-Cap into the housing.

This is a special tool that allows you to insert the cap into the housing and also down the road, remove a cap. If you want to go to a tighter fitting cap, here’s how you do it. You take this insertion tool and pick up the cap. In this case, it’s a yellow one, which is our standard strength Tru Lok O-Cap. We then take this steel housing, which is empty. This particular one has no attachment in it, and we simply snap it in very easily. Now you have the yellow Tru Lok cap inside the steel housing, and that then can be used on the implants. This part is extremely important because of the fact that we now have a smaller cap.

We have to be very conscious of getting Acrylic underneath the O-Cap and locking onto the implants. So it’s a must that you use the block out shim over the implant before putting the cap on. That is an absolute must happen. You have to put the clear blockout shim underneath the O-Caps before you pick them up in the mouth or the acrylic resin will very easily lock onto the implant. We didn’t have that much of a problem with the O-ring housings because they were longer and went down further over the square portion but these caps stay up higher because they’re much smaller.

You can see the entire square is exposed on these o caps, whereas with the housing, very little of the square is exposed on the O-ring housing. So whatever you do, do not forget to use those block out shims underneath the O-Cap. And it’s so important that we’re including those shims in the Master Kit. What you’re going to get in our true lock O-Cap master Kit, you’re going to receive the insertion and removal tool. You’re going to receive ten of each strength the Yellow, the Pink and the Clear Tru Lok O-Caps.

You’re going to receive 30 of the steel housings for the O-Caps and you’re going to receive 30 of the blockout shims. It’s very important. Don’t forget to use the blockout shims when you pick these up. Now, I also want to touch on the fact that in addition to our new O-Caps, if you’re going to continue to use the O-ring housings, you have a choice of our standard O-ring, our strong O-ring and our extra strong O-ring. These come in clear yellow and red to designate the various strengths of the O-rings. So now you have choices for different strengths for our O-rings and different strengths for our O-Caps.

This has been something that our doctors have been requesting for many years. It took us a while to develop it. We wanted to make sure we got it perfect for you. So now we have them, the different strength O-rings and different strength O-Caps. What are the advantages, again, of the O-Caps? They’re going to last longer and they’re smaller attachments, so you don’t need as much room in the denture and they’re more retentive.

I hope you enjoy all of our new products here at ,Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® Give one of our friendly sales representatives a call and they’ll be happy to help you order your Master Kit of your O-Caps or anything else you might need. And thanks again for joining me here on this Monday morning minute. I’ll see you next time.