Tru Lock Abutment Size Options

Good morning and welcome to this Monday Morning Minute. I’m Dr. Todd Shatkin, and I’ve been on vacation for a week, but I’m back here with you, and I’m happy to be back today. I want to talk to you about our peak abutments that we’ve spoken about a few times now, the Tru Lok abutments. I’m very excited.

Now, we have the short fatter abutment and the long, thin abutment available. We have the two different sizes. The short fatter one is typically used in our bicuspids and molar region and the long, thinner ones are typically used in our anterior region. Both of these can be prepped in the mouth and then an impression can be taken right in the patient’s mouth. We leave them right in the patient’s mouth after we prep them, and they mimic a natural tooth.

If you look closely, you’ll see there’s a chamfer margin on them. And these are a great addition to your mini implant protocol. We no longer have to cement the crowns right to the old ball and square. You can if you want to, and we still do at certain times where we don’t have enough vertical for these type of abutments. But if you have a very tight vertical, we just want to cement the crown right to the ball and square, that’s perfectly fine.

Or if we’re doing a fixed detachable bridge where you want to use those O-rings or o caps to snap it on, that’s fine as well. But in situations where we’re doing a single crown or a three unit bridge or a five unit bridge or so on and so forth, we can use these preppable peak abutments that we call the Tru Lok abutments. And as you can see, we now have them in a short, wide platform or the long, narrow platform. Now, if you want to make your temporary on those, just use one of our blockout chimps. It will slide right over the top and you can put that right down over the entire button.

Just slide it right on there. And then you can make your temporary right over the top of that and leave that on until you get your permanent crown. Then when you go to take your temporary off, you’ll pull that temporary off with the shim. And then you’ll be able to cement your crown right over the top. And you can use the wider one-piece shim for the larger platform abutment or the regular shim for the narrower platform abutment.

So I think you’ll really enjoy these Tru Lok Peak abutments. They’re available and in stock now at Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® for you to use. And I look forward to getting your feedback about these because I really like them. I use them every day now, and I think you’re going to like them, too.