The Mono Mini Dental Implant

Hi, I’m Dr. Todd Shatkin. I want to talk to you today about the mono mini dental implant. I still call it a mini dental implant, even though they’re wider diameter than our regular mini implants. Our mono implants come in a 3.0, a 3.3, 3.75, a 4.2 and a 5.0 millimeter diameter. But all of them come down to a very narrow tip of about a half millimeter tip hip. And that’s why I call it mini, because we’re still placing them through the gum and through the bone with a minimally invasive technique where we just make a one or two size pilot hole, usually a 1.5, sometimes at 2.0. Occasionally we’ll go up to a 2.5 or 3.2, depending on the diameter of the final portion of the implant.

But the mono implants are absolutely fantastic. It’s almost like a hybrid between a mini implant and a standard implant because they utilize the mini implant technique, but they widen up to a larger diameter at the crystal portion of the implant. Now we’re very excited. We just introduced our eight millimeter length mono implants. The eight millimeter length. So for those patients who have a very low hanging sinus or you just don’t have a lot of vertical bone above the nerve canal, these eight millimeter length mono implants are absolutely phenomenal.

I’ve done a few of them and I love them. So we have those in stock now. So if you’re interested in trying out our eight millimeter mono, we have them eight, we have ten, we have 11, 13, 16. But the eight millimeter we just got in and they are really great in certain situations. So check out the mono implant. If you haven’t placed one, you need to start placing mono implants. These are going to be a life changer for your practice because you can use the minis in many, many locations and places, but there are certain situations where you’d like to have something a little bit beefier. And the mono implant is that implant. It also has an abutment on it, which is a preferable abutment. It’s not an o-ball.

These are just for crown and bridge and it’s got a preferable abutment on it. And you can also bend these implants. They’re bendable so you can use them in areas where the bone is steeply inclined and then bend the implant to position it in the direction you want. You can use them in the tuberosities and bend them down. I’ve done cases with six or eight of these for a full roundhouse.

So you’re going to love the mono implants. Call us today for our mono implant special offer. And you’re going to love doing these, I promise you. So I’ve never steered you wrong before. If you have any questions about the mono implant, you can give me a call. Call Tom Fitzpatrick or any of our sales representatives at Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® And they’ll give you all the information. I hope this information on mono implants was helpful and I look forward to seeing you on the next Monday Morning Minute.