The Aseptico AEU 7000 Surgical Motor

Good morning and welcome to the Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® Monday Morning Minute. I’m Dr. Todd Shatkin and welcome to this Monday Morning Minute. Today I want to welcome Kevin Gerlach, one of our outstanding salespeople, to talk to you today about our surgical motors.

Hello, my name is Kevin, and today I’m going to be talking to you about the Aseptico AEU 7000 surgical motor. The AEU 7000 is in every single one of Dr. Shatkin’s operatories and we recommend this motor because it comes 100% preset from the manufacturer.

Placing a mini dental implant is as easy as a three step process. First being the pilot hole. The pilot hole is a 1.2 diameter single patient drill that will be used at 2000 RPMs and with irrigation. This is the only process that you will use irrigation during the implant. Procedure number two on the motor is for the initial placement.

This setting will give you a sensor of beeping when you hit 30 newton centimeters, which is enough torque in order to immediately load the implant. Setting number three on the Aseptico AEU 7000 will be for the final implant placement. This will give you a beeping sensor at 60 newton centimeters for the optimal amount of torque in order to load the implant.

This motor specifically does go up to 80 newton centimeters, but 60 is all that you will need in order to place these mini dental implants. And if need be, you can go to setting number four and reverse any implants that you need to.

And for dentists that do still do endo in their office, this motor does have dual capabilities. So you are able, with a single press of a button switch over directly to endo mode and you are able to program any endo settings that you need to on the motor.

So this motor also has the capability to be 100% operated with a foot pedal. The foot pedal has the capability of changing the setting, changing the torque, changing the irrigation, as well as reverse and forward, so you don’t have to touch any of the settings directly on the motor. All could be done directly on your foot pedal.

So the orange button on this pedal changes your settings from one, the pilot drill, from two, the initial placement and three, the final implant placement. The yellow button here will be able to control the forward and the reverse functions on the motor itself.

The purple will be for the Newton centimeters and torque for the implant placement. And the blue button will control all irrigation. And the larger blue pedal in the middle of the foot pedal will control the operation of the handpiece itself. So when you’re doing the pilot hole, when you’re doing your initial placement and final placement with your contra angle driver, that will be the pedal to operate your handpiece.

The Aseptico AEU 7000 also comes with the Mount Blanc 20 to one ratio handpiece for all of your implantology. Thank you for joining us, and we look forward to seeing you soon.