Talking With Dr. Petrosky About the Mono Implant, Piezotome Cube, and More

Good morning and welcome to the Monday Morning Minute. I’m Fitz, and I am very fortunate this morning to have my good buddy with me, Dr. Ronald Petrosky from Tuckerton, New Jersey, one of our mini dental implant centers of America. And we’re very excited right now because I dragged him out of the advanced course that we’re having here in Buffalo today. We’re back to in person courses here in Buffalo, which were very, very excited about. We have about 65 doctors in the room right now, and we’re having a great course. Dr. Shatkin has been right on this morning talking about the success of not only our mini implants, but our mono implants. And Dr. Petrosky and I were talking, and so I wanted him to tell you a little bit about your experience with the mono implant. What do you think so far?

I think there’s an implant that you really can’t do without. If you want to expand your prosthetic options, particularly in the fixed bridge work applications, you definitely want to find out how to incorporate those 3.0 all the way up to 5.0 diameter implants. They’re strong. They place just like the mini dental implants with minimal drilling, if you will, so you can get them surgically seated. Again, minimally invasively, and they’re just a wonderful implant.

Yeah, it’s great. I know a lot of the doctors here have been talking about how great the monos are working out for them. It is true. If you haven’t tried the monos, we have a special going. If you buy ten of the implants, we give you all the surgical kit with all the instrumentation to place them. So try mono implants today. They go from 3.0 up to 5.0, like Dr. Petrosky just told everyone. But what’s great is you can bend them back up to 45 degrees so they are a bendable implant, and I think you’ll really enjoy using them if you give them a try. So I also wanted to talk to you a little bit about the Piezotome Cube. Now, you have the cube, and I know we have about five or six other doctors out here who do have the cube as well, and they all say how great it is. So what’s your personal experience with the cube?

All right. I actually have some notes on that. I’d like to share our philosophy with the Mini Dental Implant centers of America. It’s about minimally invasive procedures offering at traumatic solutions for our patients with all multiple missing teeth problems. And that’s what they expect when they come to us, minimally invasive solutions. So before we can even offer minimally invasive implantology with those many mono implants, often they have broken down teeth. So we have to offer minimally invasive oral surgery. And so how are we going to achromatically remove those old ankylos teeth, as it were, broken down to the gum line? So in order to preserve that socket bone and facilitate immediate placement, would we use a surgical bar like we did in the past, we would want to use the Piezotome Cube. It is less bleeding, less invasive, less time cost, less healing, less complications, less post op pain and swelling.

So the only hesitation you might have is the initial investment of $6,500. But when you do the math, it may take you only, like, 13 surgical extractions to help pay for that. And you can do that within, frankly, a month or two or three. So it will change or make your oral surgery life a lot easier. And not a day goes by that I do not use it. And it’s truly a game changer. So I highly recommend it.

All right. That’s very good information from Dr. Petrosky. We really appreciate that. And the other thing that you and I were talking about this morning out at the class. I know Dr. Shatkin is going to have a full day of live advanced surgery tomorrow, which we’re all excited to see, but we were talking about what type of social media can we use to have a nice educational forum? And what came to mind was the Mini Dental Implant Academy website right on Facebook.

So if you are not on our Facebook page yet, which is the Mini Dental Implant Academy, please, let’s get you up and going and share your cases, because there’s so much learning that can be done on this on this site. And I know that you’re on it quite a bit, which is great. I know Dr. Lasor is Dr. Todd. There’s a lot of doctors who really put their cases up and want to help everybody get educated. So please, if you haven’t had the opportunity to get on our Facebook page, the Mini Dental Implant Academy, please do. What’s your feeling on that? Do you think everybody should be part of it or what?

Well, absolutely. I posted seven different posts over the last two months, as it were, particularly on the mono implants. I found them to be totally amazing, and I wanted to share my experience, and I’ve had numerous doctors come up to me and tell me it has actually helped them. So if something’s going well, and especially share your successes with other doctors, I mean, if something’s not going well, post your concerns, and we would jump in and try to give our insights and so on. So it’s a forum where we can build each other up and learn from each other’s experience.

Yeah. I love it. I tell you what, there’s a reason I hang out with this guy, because he’s smarter than I’ll ever be, and he has great ideas. He has great scientific literature. He has everything you need to get ahead with mini dental implant placement. So, on behalf of my good buddy, Dr. Ronald Petrosky, mini Dental Implant Center of America in Tuckerton, New Jersey, this is fitz saying have a great week. Place in your mini implants and your mono implants and we look forward to seeing you next week on The Monday Morning Minute.