Surgical Motors & Handpieces

Good morning and welcome to the Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® Monday morning minute.

Good morning, and welcome to the Monday Morning Minute. I’m Fitz, and today I’d like to talk to you about a conversation I had yesterday with my good pal Stefan Gettner at Aseptico. So, Aseptico sells surgical motors, and they sell hand pieces, and they do a lot of portable equipment as well. But the focus this morning is going to be on surgical motors, backup surgical motors and hand pieces. So I know Dr. Shatkin and all of our doctors on staff here at Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® Always agree that it’s a great idea to place implants with a surgical motor. Why? It gives you torque resistant identification. When you’re drilling the implant and you reach a certain amount of torque, the motor is going to tell you exactly where you are. And it’s extremely advantageous to know how much torque is present when I’m putting the implant in.

So having a motor not only gives you great directionality, it gives you torque information, and it saves hand fatigue. We also talked about having a backup motor. Having a backup motor is so, so very important. The 7000 motor from Aseptico works exceptionally well. It’s a workhorse, believe me.

I’ve seen it day in and day out. But in the event that something should happen having a backup motor, we sell the AEU 1070 for 37.95. It comes with a 20 to one handpiece. It’s a great backup motor to have in your office in the event that something happens to your main surgical motor. And thirdly, I’d like to talk about handpieces.

Stefan wanted me to really send home the importance of maintaining your handpiece and doing the correct maintenance on it. We have to lubricate these. There’s no question about it. When biomaterial gets caught into the fine parts of a handpiece, if it’s not well lubricated and cared for, it can cause trouble. And you spent good money on this handpiece.

So let’s keep it clean, and let’s keep it functioning. And again, you’ll get years and years of work out of this handpiece. What we will do today is we’re providing a link so you can see a video from aseptico. They do a wonderful job explaining how to maintain handpieces, so please watch this to gain better understanding of how to maintain hand pieces.