Surgical Motor

Hi, I’m Fitz. Welcome to this week’s Monday Morning Minute. Today we want to talk a little bit about our surgical motor. Aseptico and Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® have teamed up to put together a surgical motor that will make the placement of the mini implants easier. Believe me when I tell you easier. It comes preset from the factory. This is both implant motor and an endo motor. By hitting the touch of a button, you go from endo mode to implant mode. It can go up to 80 newton centimeters in torque.

What we realized early on is when doctors who are working with us would get a motor, it would be all over the board on how many newton centimeters of torque, how many RPMs, how much sterile water is being used. So what we did is we teamed up with Aseptico, which we feel is the best motor you could purchase today. And what they did for us is at the factory, they preset every single setting for us at the speeds that Dr. Shatkin recommends for mini implant placement. So number one, pilot drill, 20 to one on the aspect ratio of the handpiece, 2000 RPMs, 55 newton centimeters of torque and 30% sterile water irrigation.

Number two, start implant torque test. Same 20 to one ratio handpiece we’re using. We bring it down from 2000 RPMs in the pilot drill mode to 35 RPMs when we start to drill the implant. 30 newton centimeters of torque. And we need no water for the implant placement. Only when we’re drilling the pilot drill and creating a little bit of heat. We want to cool that bone down.

Number three, final implant placement, 20 to one on the ratio, 35 RPMs. So the speed hasn’t changed. We move up to 60 newton centimeters of torque and no irrigation as well. So now at this point, we should have the implant fully placed. What I mean is the ball and square are above the tissue. Bottom of the square is level with the gingiva. Very important.

Number four, if for any reason we did need to reverse the implant, same ratio, same speed, and we’re at 60 newton centimeters of torque to get it out. In the event that it’s not taking the implant out, you can increase the torque by pushing this up arrow button or you can use the foot pedal. So the foot pedal is very nice and easy to use.

It comes all color coded. The orange button here is for the presets. I can go one through six on the presets by just pushing this button. The yellow button is to go either forward or reverse. The purple button is for the newton centimeters of torque. I can increase the torque. And the teal colored button is for the irrigation. So everything’s color coded here. I can do everything with my foot if need be. Or I can use my hand on the console, whatever is easier for you.

So about 97% of the doctors that work with us here at Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® use this surgical motor to place their implants. It saves a ton of hand fatigue and it also one of the nicest things for your patients. I want you to listen to this. Who would like to hear this right next to your ear? Or would you like to hear this? That’s my point. The handpiece much, much better for the patient. The surgical ratchet wrench sounds like you’re at the mechanics garage. So if you presently own a surgical motor and you would like Dr. Shatkin’s mini dental implant placement settings, please give us a call at Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.®, 18884-Shatkin.

Or you can email us or you can visit our website at Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.®.com to get all the motor settings sent to your office. We do it quite frequently for people, so we’d be happy to help you out. Thank you for joining us again on this Monday morning minute and I will see you next week.