Our New Fix on Six Model

Hi, I’m Dr. Todd Shatkin and welcome to this Monday Morning Minute. Today we’re going to be talking about dental models and in particular, we’re discussing our new fix on six model. Now, if some of you don’t know what the fix on six procedure is, I’m sure most of you do by now. But if you don’t, what it is is it’s our roundhouse fixed bridge with O-ring housings inside.

So what we do is we put six to ten implants in, usually eight to ten, and we make a zirconia roundhouse bridge that snaps right onto those implants with no cement. This is a great advantage because every time a patient comes in for their cleanings, we can very easily remove that bridge, clean the bridge, clean the implants, and then simply snap the bridge back on. This bridge does not get taken out at home by the patient, only in the dental office. And we’ve been doing this now for several years with excellent results. But now we have a new model because many of you have asked us to add pink porcelain onto the model.

So we’ve done that and we have either option available to you. If you would like to have the model with the pink porcelain on it, we can provide that to you, or we can do the one without the pink porcelain. There are times where we need to add pink porcelain in the patient’s mouth in order to plump the lip or if they have a high smile line and you want to give them an aesthetic look. So the pink porcelain is very nice. It makes it fill out the lip a little bit more, and we can go much higher than even what’s on this model.

So when you call to order your fixed on six model, which you absolutely need in your office, if you’re going to sell this procedure, just specify whether you want the one with the pink porcelain or the one without the pink porcelain or both, like I have in my office. Because some patients need the pink porcelain and others don’t. That’s all part of treatment planning. It’s great talking to you this morning on this Monday Morning Minute. I look forward to seeing you next time.