Hi, I’m Dr. Todd Shatkin, and welcome to this Monday morning Minute. Do I have something exciting to share with you today? We are just introducing our new product, the OsteoGen Plug. And this is a product that Dr. Dave and I have both been using for a while now, and we love this product. It comes in a slim and a large plug, and all you have to do when you extract it tooth is plug it right in the socket.

Dave, it’s wonderful. It’s a wonderful bone initiation and healing plug for your bony extractions and putting in your implants. It preserves bone. It helps stimulate bone because it’s actually got collagen from the it’s got Bovine collagen and calcium appetite product mixed in with this plug. It’s amazing. It comes in a slim line that you can just plug into a small single tooth extraction site, or it comes in a larger plug that you can use for larger extraction sites.

You can also cut these in pieces and plug them into smaller areas, pack them in, and it helps stimulate bone growth and preserves the socket. So it’s really a great product. I really like it. I know Dr. Randy Staples has been using it for a while. Dave’s been using it for a while, and they both encouraged me to look into this product. A few months ago, I started using it. I love it, and it’s working great. So we decided at Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® to become a distributor of this product. And we’re running a special right now. If you buy four boxes, you’ll get a whole box free, and they come five in a box. So it’s a real good introductory special for you. And when you call and order these, you got to ask for either the Large or the Small plug, okay? The slim line or the large plug.

The other product that we have from OsteoGen is the OsteoGen Strip. Dave, do you want to talk about the OsteoGen? This is the same type of product, but just in a different shape to help you guys go over bone defects and whatnot after place in your implants. This is a great product. Just a different shape. It’s the same composition, and it works just as well.

It’s a flat strip. So if you want to put that over the top of some extractions, especially if you’re doing multiple implants and you have a bunch of extractions, you can lay that over the top, poke the implant right through it, suture your tissue right over the top of it, and that will help stimulate bone. So use that in conjunction with this. The other thing you can use this for is mixing it with PRP. So if you do LPRF and you have some of that PRP liquid, you can soak that into this membrane product and pack it in there, and it’ll help stimulate bone very rapidly. So, again, we’re very excited here. Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® To be offering the osteoGen products from Impladent and we are the distributors and we are offering them to you at special prices. Either of these products, either the plugs or the strips you can buy for and get one free as our introductory offer. I look forward to talking to you again soon and seeing you next Monday morning on the Monday Morning Minute.