N95 Masks

Hi, I’m Dr. Todd Shatkin, and welcome to this Monday morning Minute. We’re here in Kansas City for the Buffalo Bills kansas City Chiefs AFC Championship game, where the Buffalo Bills will beat the Chiefs this evening. Right, Fitz, 100%. We’re so excited. Oh, they’re they’re on a roll.

There’s bill’s fans everywhere down here. This is going to be a great game. It’s going to be a close one, but I see the Bills winning by six points. And it’s going to be a wonderful trip to Tampa in two weeks to watch the Super Bowl.

No question about it. Everybody here is so excited. We can’t get over how many Buffalo fans have come over to Kansas City to watch this amazing game tonight that the Bills are going to win. We’ve got some great predictions. Thousands of fans here, and they’re only allowing 17,000 fans in the stadium. We’re probably going to fill half the stadium with Bills fans. So this is really exciting. It’s really cool.

Now let me tell you something else that we’re doing at Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.®, which is very exciting. We’ve been making these N 95 masks for the past six months, but we’re making them for the Buffalo Bills football team. These are the logos that we put on the masks for the Bills. These are our masks, and the Buffalo Bills players are wearing them. They both wore them on the plane. And you probably see some on the sidelines today if you watch for them. The Coach Dable is wearing this mask, and many of the players are wearing this mask. So you’re going to look for these masks. Now, the reason I mentioned that is we just found out from the government, from President Biden that he’s likely going to be mandating N 95 masks for everyone to wear for 100 days.

So not just video, not just any mask, but you’re referring to this N 95 mask in particular. What an N 95 mask means is you’re getting better than 95% bacterial and viral filtration. And what I’m so proud of with our masks we’ve been talking about this, but I’ve never really gone in detail about it. Our masks tested at 99% filtration. And you’ll see on the screen the 99% filtration rate testing for our masks.

Well, how many layers are in this mask? There’s five layers. And but but how can you breathe through it so easily? It’s very I mean, I wear it all the time. The filtration layers are the melt blown filtration layer, and it’s an electrostatic filtration. We purposely put two of those layers in. Most of the masks have one. So most of the masks barely meet 95%. We’re way over it because we have 75 grams/m² of filtration material in our mask, and it practically filters out everything. If you wear this mask in your dental practice, you’re going to be extremely safe. Your staff is going to be extremely safe, your patience, and it’s going to be a really, really good quality N 95 mask with actually better than 95, but closer to 99% filtration rate.

Yeah. And then that video you were showing me yesterday morning is about if we can all wear it for at least a month, four weeks. They say up to 100 days would be great. 100 days from day one, a change. Mask up for 100 days. Masks a top priority for the new administration and still one of our most useful tools to fight the pandemic. The mask can become a partisan issue, unfortunately, but it’s a patriotic act.

We know two important things. People should wear masks in public, and not all masks are equal. The quality of your cloth mask depends on its fabric and the number of layers. Studies have shown they could be as low as 26% effective. But the N 95 masks that some aides are wearing in the White House, 95% effective. Even better than the surgical masks I wear in the operating room. This is critical. And Harvard Medical School’s, Dr. Abrar Koran is now advocating N 95 Masks for all. If for four weeks the country essentially wore these masks in those risky settings like that indoors, what kind of difference do you think it would make? This would stop the epidemic.

It’s an extraordinary statement for weeks to essentially stop the pandemic. We’re not talking about vaccines here or some sort of new magical therapeutic, just a properly fitted $5 N 95 mask, as you see here in this video. Other experts have advocated for N 95s as well. Like former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, who wrote this. An N 95 or equivalent mask offers the best protection make masks part of American culture to stop the epidemic. The key here is to always wear a mask whenever you’re in public. The ability to control the spread is in our hands and on our faces.

Now, what I want to recommend to every dentist out there is to not only use these in your practice, but to supply them to your patients and their families. You can be at the forefront of helping this project. So what we’re doing is we’re lowering the price to you dentists to $2 a mask. So you can then sell these to your dental families and dentists and patients for approximately $4 a mask. You can double the price because it’s still less than the five or dollars six price that people have to pay for N 95 masks. Correct.

So you can buy as many as you want at $2 a piece. A box of 25 will be $50. If they buy 1000, they’ll pay $2,000 for a case of masks. And you can retail these in your office for $4 a piece. And you’re going to be not only helping your practice, you’re going to be helping your patients and their families to protect themselves.

And I’ll tell you what, they can still at $4 a mask. It’s a very aggressive sales. The retail price is very aggressive. So you could sell them and you could help so many people in not only your dental community, but your community in general.

Dr. J. Walton down in Tallahassee, Florida, has been selling 50 boxes a day in his office, and I started doing that in my office, too, and we’re selling them. They’re flying off the shelves because the President of the United States is telling everyone they need to be wearing N 95 masks. I don’t know if you know this, but it’s also now mandated in Germany as well. And the UK is going to be mandating N 95 masks as well, for a period of time. So I’ve been saying this all along. The fabric masks are really not filtration masks. You need to have an N 95 quality mask to filter out the bacteria and the virology of the COVID virus. And that’s the way we’re going to put this. Let’s get this thing on.

The vaccines are great, but we can fix it with masks alone. If everyone just wears an N 95 mask for four to eight weeks, the virus will go away. That’s what we need to do, and that’s what we need to do. We all need to pull together and we need to do this together. We need to help one another. But believe me, we have enough N 95 masks to help a lot of people.

We have 2 million masks let’s stock to sell and to distribute to the world. We’ve donated some to hospitals. We’re doing our best to help get these out there, but you can help yourselves and your practices and all of the families in your practice by offering these masks in your waiting room. And we’re trying to get them in supermarkets and drugstores around the country as well. So if any of you know of ways to do that, call us up, call me or Fitz.

Absolutely. And we’ll get them out to you ASAP. And keep in mind that Metal Source is having a problem solving course this upcoming Friday. It’s going to be a webinar, so if you’d like to go, give us a call, we’ll get you signed up. We have sold out the Las Vegas course, and we’re attempting to see everyone in person in Buffalo in March on the 11th and twelve for our advanced course. So keep those three dates in mind, okay? Give us a call and check in first and we’ll be we’re gonna win. What you gotta say, we got to build, and then we’re going to build. We’re going to talk to you live from Tampa in a couple of weeks.