More on the Genoray Triana Software

Welcome to this Monday Morning Minute. I’m Dr. Jim Tharp from Frankfurt, Illinois. And I want to tell you a little bit more about the Triana software and how to make your implants fit perfectly. This is the area where you get the panoramic view. This is the cross sectional view, and this is your horizontal view. And basically, you can go up and down through this horizontal view by moving the red line up or down and you can see where everything is vertically. And when you go side to side, you take this blue line, you move it back and forth and you can see over here how thick that bone is or thin. That bone is where you’re trying to put implants. So when you’re going vertically up and down, what you want to look is at this picture up here, because that shows you exactly what you’re going through and how thick the bone is that you’re going through.

There we are, all over the teeth. Coming back down into the teeth. There we go into the bone. You can see how narrow the bone is even further down in the jawbone. It’s pretty narrow all the way down to the base of the jaw. Okay.

And then the other thing that you want to look at is up here in this section, when you go left and right, and we’ll do this by scrolling with the mouse wheel, you can then see look at that tooth. There’s almost no bone holding that tooth at all right up in there. Come back over here. You can see an abscess down at the bottom of there. That’s what an abscess really looks like. It’s not just the one spot around the end of the tooth, it’s all around the tooth.

Let’s see what this one looks like way over here. Oh, here’s another good thing. Take a look at this. There’s where your nerve is. See the nerve right there? You bring that over there. That’s where the mental framement is and you can see how it exits on an angle out to the back and upward.

Okay, just that one view has helped me learn how to give that shot better. Okay, but now let’s look all the way in the back here at this tooth. Ain’t no bone around that tooth at all. See that? That wouldn’t be an easy to pluck out.

Let’s go back over the other way. Here we go. Some more interesting stuff here’s an excess tooth. I’m sure that one is going to be interesting to take out because it’s got so tight to the bone right there. That’s going to be a hard one to get out. You can look at them forward to backward the same way, too.

Pick out your mental framings real easily that way by scrolling forward and back with your mouse there. And it is really such a wonderful help for doing this. The very most important thing is that after you’ve placed these implants you can go back in to make sure that your implants aren’t out the side of the bone.