Mono Dental Implants

Hi. I’m Dr. Todd Shatkin, and welcome to this Monday morning Minute. I’m here at my University Pacific School of Dentistry alumni meeting out here in San Francisco, California. It’s beautiful here today and we’re so excited to be here at my alumni.

It’s been 31 years I can hardly believe it, since I graduated from dental school in 1989. Look around the room and you’ll see a bunch of vendors here from all over the place some of you will be familiar with. And what I’m really excited about is we’re going to be launching our brand new product this week, the brand new mono dental implant. The mono implant is something I’ve been working on now for several months and we’re really excited to launch it. This is something very unique about the mono implant.

It is a bendable implant. It has a bendable neck on the implant. It’s made to be bent, believe it or not. These are designed that you can leave them straight, of course, but if you’re off angle just a little bit, you can bend it into position and they’re made to be bent. They come in a 3.0, a 3.3, a 3.75 and a 4.2 diameter.

And they come in various lengths, just like all of our implants, ranging from eleven all the way up to 16 mm in length. You are absolutely going to love the mono dental implant from ,Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® It’s a brand new product. It’s replacing our old Bio Horizon Interlock one piece implants which are no longer on the market. Bio Horizons decided when they bought Interlock that they’re no longer going to carry a one piece design.

So we have a new product. It’s called the mono bendable implant. I’ve placed these for the last several months and I haven’t had one failure. It’s unbelievable. The results are amazing. They go in the bone so easily. You can make your 1.5 or your 2.0 millimeter pilot hole and thread these implants in with a little finger driver. And then you go to the ratchet wrench and then you finish it off with the contra angle driver. And I’m telling you, this is a product that you are going to fall in love with. Call us today.