Matt Lasorsa’s LPRF Course Recap

Good morning and welcome to the Monday Morning Minute. We’re down here in Orlando, Florida, with Dr. Matthew Lasorsa. It is Mini Dental Implant Center of America. It’s an absolute awesome day here in Florida. This guy’s been lecturing on LPRF. What else you’ve been doing today, buddy?

Oh, extracting a few teeth, doing a few bone graphs, you know, plucking tips out with a Headstrom pile, things like that.

But what about the cube you pulled the Piezotome Cube right? Both times. Yeah, both times. Okay. The first time it made it easy on me. The second time, I didn’t have the tips to our lives, so we had to wait a little bit. So I had to use cervical handpiece luxaters, physics forceps physics force ups, everything. Finally got the tips. Autoclave came back to the rescue, got the root tip. So long story or shorter version of long story is get the cube for you. It may be like, two sets of extraction tips, please.

And the girls are saying two sets of extraction kits, which we agree with. So, Matt, you killed the live surgery. It was great. I mean, watching you do the LPRF and how the patient is going to benefit, it’s incredible. It really is. Good work on the last one.

And we have doctors from all over the country here today with you, which is absolutely awesome. And here’s our group with us. I’m going to go to Temecula, California, with one of our MDICAs out in Temecula. This is Dr. Josh Lang, and he took over Dr. David Power’s, MDICA. And Josh, what do you think about today’s course?

Really great. Course definitely going to be getting the centrifuge and the cube, too. It’s pretty impressive seeing how easy the extractions are. Yeah. And when you see it live with a live patient. Yeah.

So it’s great to have you out here. Thanks for taking the red eye out here. Yeah, it’s awesome. Dr. Miller. Come on over from Dallas, Texas. Could you say a few words about what you thought about the course today?

Well, we were in Buffalo, and we learned about the LPRF, and so we decided to come here, and we’re going to do it with all our big surgeries. It’s really amazing, the healing. Yeah.

And what Dr. Lasor showed today is a lecture that the healing is just incredible. It’s great. Thanks for coming out from Texas. Come out. Great. And now we’re going to go over to New Jersey. Okay, Dr. Irena from New Jersey, tell us what you thought about the course today. It was amazing. The course was great. So many new amazing things to learn. Got to practice blood draw. You got to practice a blood draw. And what about your own arm? What’s going on with that? You got a root to prove it? Oh, yeah. Okay, so you’re the patient as well, so you did a little bit of both. Yes. Okay. That’s awesome.

And did everybody learn about how to extract or express the PRF once the blood is done spinning through the interest band. Yeah. Pretty cool, right? We can see it live. Yes, we agree. You guys all set with the course? Did you like it? All right, that’s great. That’s awesome. Okay. We appreciate you tuning into the Monday Morning Minute. We hope you guys have a great week placing mini implants and mono implants. And we look forward to seeing you next week on The Monday Morning Minute.