Krystal Klear Aligners

Hi, I’m Dr. Todd Shatkin, and welcome to this Monday morning Minute. Today I want to talk to you about our Krystal Klear aligners. We’ve been doing these now for over two years and we’re having fantastic results but we’ve recently improved the aligner system and I want you to know that the results are absolutely phenomenal. I just completed a few cases myself and they’ve been just perfect results.

Very little minor adjustments at the end. Usually it’s just a little bit of cosmetic contouring and shaping to fine tune the result. But these patients are extremely satisfied with the beautiful straight and perfect smiles that they’re having with Krystal Klear. Now what’s great about the Krystal Klear aligners, if you’ve been doing any type of aligners in your office you’ll know that most of the time you need to put attachments on the teeth to straighten and move the teeth. And there’s a lot of IPR involved with the Krystal Klear liners.

We have almost never have to use attachments, very rarely do we need to use any attachments or buttons. The reason for that is we have a procedure where we shrink the model just one to 2% and these aligners snap on very, very snugly onto those teeth, more snug than the regular aligners that you may have tried in the past. So there’s no real need for those attachments. You’ll also find that within nine to twelve months almost all of these cases are complete. So it’s rare that it would ever go past a year of treatment.

Now of course every case is not a candidate for Krystal Klear. You’ve got to be case selective. If they have a really poor occlusal pattern and their teeth are all over the place, refer them out for full orthodontic care. But for 95% of the cases that come into my office, Krystal Klear is a fantastic option for your patients. And one thing that you need to know is it’s significantly less costly than the other aligner companies you’re using.

So all you have to do is send us good quality impressions and some photos and a bite registration and we’ll do the rest. Within a week or so you’ll get a response back with a plan for the patient and if you approve it you should have the aligners in your office within two to three weeks maximum. So give us a try. I really think you’re going to love this new system. Our Krystal Klear aligners come in a beautiful nice case and all the instructions as far as IPR are in there, all the aligners are laid out right in the box along with the nice case for the patient to keep the aligners in and the retainers come as well at the end of the treatment.

So you’ll get all of that in one system. So if you have any issues at all just give us a call. But I think you’re going to be very pleased with our new Krystal Klear aligner system, and I highly encourage you to add this to your practice if you haven’t done it. It’s a very easy way to add a new procedure to your practice if you haven’t done aligners.

And if you have done aligners, you owe it to yourself and your patients to try the Krystal Klear aligner system to hear your feedback. So please let me know after you’ve done a couple of cases. How it’s going again? I’m Dr. Todd Shatkin, and I look forward to seeing you next time on the Monday Morning Minute. And please come join us for one of our exciting upcoming programs.