iSmile Teeth Whitening System

Good morning. I’m Dr. Todd Shatkin and welcome to this Monday Morning Minute. Today I want to talk to you about our iSmile Teeth whitening products. Our iSmile Whitening system is a fantastic way to whiten your teeth and whiten your patient’s teeth.

You can use the in-office treatment to give the patient a jumpstart whitening which will jumpstart their whitening about three to five shades and then you can take send them home with this great whitening kit which has the iSmile mouthpiece that plugs into your iPhone, your Android, or even the enclosed power bank. You can then just simply put the whitening gel on the teeth and put the tray in your mouth to whiten the teeth for about eight minutes per session. You do that two or three times a day and you’re going to have fantastic results within a short period of time. The iSmile Whitening system is a fantastic way to whiten your teeth quickly, affordably and efficiently. And your patients will love it because it’s simple to use, it’s exciting, it’s fun, people will talk about it, your patients are going to love it.

And the great thing is you no longer have to have those big bulky lights in your operators because every patient gets a brand new light when they have the treatment done. And then they take that same light home with them, with their home whitening kit. When they come in for their touch up treatments, when they come in for their cleanings, if they just simply bring their mouth guard with them, you can give them a touch up whitening treatment right in the office and just charge them again accordingly. So in my office, for example, I charge 395 to include the in office and the take home kit. But we run specials all the time and we get great results with getting patients in the door for whitening their teeth.

So the iSmile Whitening treatment system is a fantastic way for you to build your practice and whiten your patient’s teeth. We have a special program for you. You get six in office treatment kits and six take home kits along with a light up display for your waiting room. So give our office a call to talk to one of our friendly sales representatives to talk to them about the iSmile whitening and I look forward to seeing you next time on this Monday Morning Minute.