iSmile Spas

Hi, I’m Dr. Todd Shatkin and welcome to this Monday Morning Minute. And I want to wish all of you from Shatkin first a happy and healthy, prosperous 2020. Today I want to introduce you to iSmile spas. This is our new spa program that we’ve developed for dentists all over the country.

The iSmile spa focuses on teeth whitening and and Krystal Klear aligners. I’m very excited about this whole new concept that we put in here at our office, and I think it could be an option for all of you. You don’t even have to have a separate room like this to do whitening and Krystal Klear aligners at your iSmile spa. You can open up your very own iSmile spa right in your own office. All you have to do is promote it as the iSmile spa.

I know we talk about mini implants all the time, but a big part of my dental practice is cosmetic dentistry and whitening teeth. Several years ago, I came up with this iSmile teeth whitening system. Now, this is an at home whitening system, but we’ve coupled that with our in office program. So now we offer patients the opportunity to come into our iSmile spa, get a professional teeth whitening system program done in the office, and then we send them home with this really nice home whitening take home kit. I want to talk to you a little bit about the whitening take home kit.

What it has is a light up mouth tray, and we use that to whiten our teeth. It can plug into your iPhone like I am right here. It can also plug into an Android phone, and it can also be plugged into our power bank that comes with the whitening system. All you do then is apply the whitening gel to the teeth, and the patient puts their tray in their mouth and whitens their teeth for about 16 minutes, two or three times a day for the first couple of weeks. And then they can use it one or two times a week just to maintain their whiter smile.

But the whole program starts off by them coming into the office and having an in office professional whitening system treatment done in the office with a high strength hydrogen peroxide gel with the retractors and the barrier on the gums to protect the gums. The great thing about it is they get the treatment in the office. They get the home kit in my office. We sell that for $395. And we have a great program here in our eye smile spa where patients can sign up for unlimited teeth whitening throughout the year for $39 a month.

That’s our iSmile club. I think it’s a great practice builder, and it helps people who smoke or drink coffee or tea or drink red wine to keep their teeth white all year round. They don’t have to wait for their six month cleaning to brighten and whiten their teeth. They can come every month for a touch up whitening, and we just charge them $39 a month for the program. And it’s really a great opportunity.

And don’t forget, our professional marketing department, run by Mark Aarons, can help you develop a beautiful in office brochure to promote your iSmile spa. So give Tom a call and talk to Mark, too. And we’ll make this beautiful menu of all the different products and procedures you can offer in your new whitening spa. And again, remember, you don’t have to have a special room for this. We can do it right in your existing dental office.