Introducing Our Newest MDICA

Hi, I’m Dr. Todd Shatkin, and welcome to this Monday Morning Minute. It is with great pleasure I introduce you to our newest Mini Dental Implant Center of America, Dr. Robert Florio. Good morning, Robert. Good morning. How are you today? It was such a great time up here.

I’m so glad you came up with your wonderful daughter, Nicole Kohner and your other associate, Maria. Maria Machalick. We’re so happy to have you here in Buffalo and visiting our center. And I know you spent some time with me. How did it go? Did you enjoy it?

It was a great morning. It was filled with a lot of information. We saw the pace you work at, we saw some interesting cases. Dr. Dave, I think that is Dave Powers. Dave Powers showed us a lot, gave us a lot of information. We really enjoyed it. This was well worth the trip to come here.

Well, we had a wonderful time with you last evening for dinner. It was just fantastic. And we’re looking forward to many, many more times together of education and fraternity. Well, for sure you’re going to see us. This is packed with a lot of information and your practice is in Limbrook, Long Island. Limbrook, Long Island. Nassau county. And that’s where we’ve become the Mini implant dental center. And happy to be associated.

Tell me what encouraged you to become a Mini dental Implant Center of America? Well, I met you actually about twelve years ago and I didn’t really get off to getting involved. And recently I know there was the course and I called about it, I got more information, and from there I actually purchased the first kit. And once I received that and they said, why don’t you come up for a lecture to really put this together? Before you know it, I heard about the Mini Dental Imperialians from the webinar. And as soon as I heard that opportunity, it took me 24 hours to join.

Well, we’re absolutely thrilled to have them. Now, let’s talk about your daughter Nicole. Tell me, you went to Temple University along with Maria, but you’re obviously at different times in your career, but you joined your dad right out of school. I joined right out of school. I did a residency fellowship and riding with dad and been great. You’ve been there how many years now? Twelve years. Twelve years. Twelve years.

And what are your thoughts about this new venture and this new direction of the practice? I think many dental implants are amazing. We did a case, it took an hour to place seven mini implants and then another 45 minutes to get it in. The patient is thrilled. It couldn’t be any easier.

And Todd, let me just ask a question. We talked at lunch today. What about your training when you were going through Temple and then you went on to get educated on implant placement. But could you talk a little bit about that? What did you learn about seconds in school?

Yeah, I didn’t learn much about implants in dental school, and I didn’t place any in residency, and I had to do a two year fellowship to learn about bigger implants. And then these guys came along, and they’re so much easier. How much did you pay for that? Two year, 20,000 $20,000.01 day a week. And this and how many implants did you place in that two year period? Probably about 1515. So since getting the kid, I’ve placed seven.

So how many residents placed so far? Well, our residents here in the Advanced Education General Dentistry, each of them have placed over 80 in three months. Wow. Pretty good. Incredible.

And we have four residents, so they’ve done over 300 implants in the residency program. But back to your practice in Long Island. First of all, I can’t wait to come visit you. I want to see the office and see the practice myself, and I have a daughter in New York City, so I get there quite a bit, and I’m excited about coming to to see you guys. But, Maria, you joined the practice about a year ago. Yeah, a little over a year ago. And you also went to Temple? Yeah, Temple and then did my residency at North Shore LIJ. Wonderful. Are you enjoying practicing with these two wonderful people? Yeah, it’s been great so far. I feel like part of the family. Yeah, well, we said you kind of look like you could be part of. She’s not that far off, right? The two girls look a little bit the same. They dress alike, too. I noticed today. They dress alike. Last night they were dressed alike. They shoot the infomercial. They shoot it. They threw me right out of the commercials today.

Well, I can tell you that. Number one, Bob right? We’re really excited to work with you. If you ever need any help from myself, or from any of our dentists like Dr. Andrea Smith out in in Sacramento. But we have dentists all throughout the country who are there to help you if you ever need any help. If I’m not available, somebody will always be available to answer your calls and your questions. And I know that this is going to be a fantastic decision that you made to join our program. And I know you’re also thinking about getting a comb beam and really doing everything. And I want to mention you kind of remind me a little bit of what we did with Dr. Diana Rodriguez, who is an exceptional mini implant center, and she’s not too far from you in Union City, New Jersey. And if you ever want to go visit her, she’s just outside of Manhattan, and she’s built a tremendous practice. She came to our course, I think it’s about five years ago now, and she’s built this huge practice from about a $400,000 a year practice to almost $3 million in four years of a mini implant center.

So the potential is just ginormous for you. And we got to keep these young ladies busy, too. I told them this is a career changer. This certainly will change your career. I wish I had this opportunity when I was their age. Yeah, well, I do, too. I wish I had that opportunity when I was young. It took me until till I was about 40. It took me a little longer. You’re ahead of me. But it’s never too late. It’s never too late.

But I’m envious of these two young ladies, especially Maria, being just fresh out of school, and she’s going to have the opportunity to do these wonderful procedures for her patients. So it’s very exciting. Yeah. And we offer it to every mini implant center of America out there. Come and do what these smart folks are doing, to spend some time with Dr. Shatkin and learn. I mean, seeing him with patients all day, the educational aspect of that is just priceless.

All right, so, Fitz, we have some new products I want to talk about, too. This is a product that I really like. It’s called a mini dental implant care system. And in this little box, you’re going to find that we’ve partnered with the dental Herb company, and we’ve put in this little box our special toothbrush, which has the curved bristles, which we’ve had over the years. Right? Yeah.

And then we’ve got a starter sampling of the tooth and gum tonic liquid rinse, and the period spot gel, which is really, really nice for around the implants. When you first put them in patients’ mouths, it stops the sensitivity, makes them feel really good, and makes the tissue heal very quickly. So that’s a great product. Do you sell this to your patients or what?

No, I give them to the patients. I give that along with the water pick. Okay, so here’s the water pick. Right? So the water pick, we’ve just redesigned our shadow first water pick. It’s not just a water pick anymore. It’s an electric toothbrush and a water pick. So you get two and one, and it’s a great machine. And we give this to every patient that has mini implant, crown and bridge work. This is not for the Denture patients. The other little kit is for the Denture patients. This one is for patients that have crowns and bridgework. So you give them one or the other. If they have a roundhouse bridge or multiple unit crown and bridge work, we give them this. It’s got an ultrasonic toothbrush, and it’s got a portable water irrigator, so they can also take it with them on trips.

So my buddy Will over in the in the back of shack and first that fits. We finally got the mono-healing caps and the mono impression coping is in.

Oh, very nice. I just wanted you to let everybody know out there that yeah, I get questions all the time about mono healing caps and mono impression copings. We have them now, so these are great and you can use them right away. One thing you got to know is if you’re if you’re going to prep the mono abutment, don’t use the impression coping, just take an impression of the implant itself directly. But if you’re not touching and not prepping it, you can use those to take your final impression. And that will be a very positive seat for the analogs that go in there.