Implant Spacing

Hi, I’m Dr. Todd Shatkin and welcome to this Monday Morning Minute. Today we’re going to be talking about a question that comes up very often is how far apart should your mini implants be? In other words, what’s the closest they can be together? And sometimes when we have a molar, we’re replacing too many implants, especially if you’ve lost some space in that molar. This comes up. We want to have at least 3 mm, if possible, between mini implants.

In some cases, they can be less than that, but we prefer to have 3 mm between mini implants. If they have to be closer, it’s best to angle the implants a little bit, divergent when you place it in the bone so that the tips of the implants at least, are a little further apart. The reason for that is we want ample blood circulation all around the implant so that we get good bones, bone support, and bone healing around those implants. Thank you for joining us on this Monday morning Minute. I’m Dr. Todd Shatkin.