IAMDI 2020 With Dr. Gordon Christensen

Good morning and welcome to this Monday morning minute. I am so delighted to be here in Utah at Park City, Deer Valley, Utah, at the St. Erickson Lodge. And with me is the amazing Dr. Gordon Christiansen who just gave a tremendous presentation on update on implantology. And he talked a lot about PPE and all the different things that we need to be doing as dentists. Good morning, Gordon.

It’s great to have my pleasure to be with you. Todd. Todd has done more implants than almost any other person because he expanded it from the standard diameter to what a lot of events. Those people.

They don’t have a lot of bone. We call many implants five times less. They’re less money, they’re less invasive, there’s less time, there’s less visits to the dentist and less pain. And I’ve been doing them since 1997. And so excellent success.

I remember meeting with you in 2003 to talk about both of our mutual successes with Minis. And I can tell you that Gordon is very kind to give me these compliments. But I can tell you that without his support and with all the videos that he’s done over the years and all the lectures he’s done talking about the success rates of many implants, it has really helped us spread the word throughout the world about Mini implants.

You can’t subdue success very long. And we’re seeing right now that small diameter implants place in Mouse where there are also large diameters all placed by me. I’ve been doing this for 38 years now. 38 years. I’ve been doing this for 60 years. But in the same mouse. There is no question here. Domini implants do not have the same vertical dive around the implant because there’s no juncture point. It’s one piece and I see much less Perry implant. Titus by far from my experience.

And I did conventional implants for 20 years and then did the Mini for the last also the last 20. But we overlapped a lot. I see. Very comfortable, successful, long term. Oh, yeah. Okay.

Well, anyway, it’s always a pleasure and an honor to have this wonderful gentleman here. And I want to thank you again for allowing me to come out to BYU and lecture with you. That wonderful program last job. And that’s a very altruistic group. They’re interested in treating people not just for money. Very nice. We’re just thrilled to do it. And I want you to know I keep the Book of Mormon that you gave me next to my bedside.

Okay. Well, it is true. I keep it there. And I had reading this. So thank you. Anyway. Thank you everyone for joining us on this Monday Morning Minute. And thank you, Gordon, for joining us on this special occasion. Thank you.