How to Temporize Mini Dental Implants, Abutments, and Mono Implants

Hi, I’m Dave Powers, and welcome to this Monday Morning Minute. Hey, guys. Today I want to talk to you about the different attachments that Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® Is able to supply for you for different situations. I want to show you how to temporize not only the mini dental implants, but also the Tru Lok abutments and also the mono implants. It’s very important we see these things to help temper, temporize. I’m getting a lot of guys calling in, a lot of docs calling in about how to temporize these different types of fixed prosthesis. And I want to help you out by showing you right here the first thing I want to use is how to use the Tru Lok abutment.

The Tru Lok abutment comes in two different sizes. They’re the tall slim and the short fat. Usually the short fat ones are used in the posterior, will have limited interoclusive space, and the tall slim ones are using the anterior to give you more clinical crown length. These are both prepable. You can prep these once they’re placed. They are snap fit onto the mini dental implant. And the square, the flat area on the face of the Tru Lok abutment lines up with the square of the mini dental implant.

So you want to make sure you line those up and then snap them into place. Sometimes they can be a little difficult to get in, but once you snap them in, they’re on there pretty good. And then we don’t want to have to take them off again. So what we do to temporize these is we place a large one piece shim over the top of the Tru Lok abutment after you prep it, or if you leave it the same way it is. And then we pancake composite filling material over the top of the shim and the implant. And you shape the tooth to look like if it’s number nine, to make it look like number nine and polish it up, check the occlusion, and that’s all you need to do.

When the patient returns, you can do one or two things. You can either cut the temporary in half and pop it off just like you would a regular crown, or you can remove it by just getting the spoon excavator up underneath the margin and popping it right off. Comes off very easily. That way the abutment is exposed and you’re able to go ahead and place your permanent crown to temporize on a mini dental implant with the ball and square.

What we’re able to do is we’re able to take one of the healing caps with the white healing caps, we’re able to actually press fit that right down onto the ball and square. And after you do that, you’re able to take some composite and actually just pancake it over the top of that healing cap and shape it into a shape of a tooth light cure it. And then I’ll take my fine finishing birds and I’ll basically shape this tooth to go over that healing cap, adjust your bite, and that’s your temporary.

When the patient returns, you basically can take a spoon excavator and lift that healing cap right off along with the temporary and you have your temporary aside and you’ll be able to cement your crown right after that. In addition, I’d like to show you how to temporize over the new mono implants. With the mono implant, you have this nice abutment very similar to the Tru Lok abutment but it’s obviously in titanium. What we do with temporizing the monos is we use the same op shim, the larger shim. We place it over the top of the mono abutment after the implant is placed.

And then we take a ball of composite same as we did with the Tru Lok and actually pancake it over the top bucklingly of the of the shim in the place of where the tooth is. And we shape it like a tooth. Then we light cure it, polish it, you’ll check the bite and that’s their temporary. And then when the patient returns you’re able to most likely remove it with just a spoon excavator or a pair of hemostats and the shim will actually come off with it leaving you the clean abutment to just go ahead and cement your permanent crown. I hope that was helpful. Thanks for joining us on this week’s Monday Morning Minute. We’ll see you again next time.