How to Pick Up Housings in the Denture

On this Monday Morning Minute, we’re going to teach you how to pick up housings in the denture after placement of the implants. All right? So we’re going to mark in the mouth where we’re going to put the implants and we’re going to transfer them onto the denture so we can mark them here, here and here where we can hollow out that area. So we’re going to hollow out this area here for the housings. Okay?

All right, I’m going to go hollow up the denture so we can place the housings. All right? Make sure this goes back in with the housings.

Okay, so I’ve a holiday out the denture. Now we’re going to try it back in. As you can see, the implants are placed and we have the housings on the implants. I’m going to try it in, make sure I hollered it out and we have a nice passive fit. Bite down for me, sir.

Everything looks fabulous. Open for me. Now what we’re going to do, we’re going to dry the denture off and we’re going to put a little monomer to show some snap monomer in the area for where the housings are going to go. That will help polymerize the soft cure acrylic or, I’m sorry, the chair side acrylic that we’re going to use. Fill this up. You’re going to place it in the mouth.

There we go. Line it up correctly. There we are. Bite down for me. We’ll have the patient just bite lightly for about seven to 10 minutes. Just hold it there. Open for me.

Now we’re going to take the denture out here and we’ve picked up the housings. Okay, let me go turn this up. You can close and relax there, sir. It’s just trimming up the excess material and exposing the O-ring housings in the excess Acrylic. Now we’re going to be polishing the denture, getting sharper rep areas off of there.

You can see the housings are in there. Now go back in and insert. I think we’re good to go. Okay, we picked up the housings, we’ve trimmed all the excess and we polished the denture. Now we’re going to put the final insertion and make sure it goes in smoothly. Line them up. Pop them in nice and solid. Bite down for me, sir. There you go. You’re set. And that’s it. That’s how you pick up the housings.