Genoray Triana Software

Hi, I’m Dr. Jim Tharp from Frankfurt, Illinois. Welcome to the Monday Morning Minute. This is the Genoray Triana software that is absolutely fabulous for helping me diagnose how to do implants and where to do them. This is a very interesting case.

As you can see the measurements on here, you have to have implants that’s going to fit into 4.2 mm with a bone. And it has to be long enough that it can come all the way up here to the middle of the tooth. So let’s take an implant from the implant library. Click on the implant library. We’ll put it on this picture here.

And there’s our choices for implants. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to put in a 2.2 millimeter by 18 long. There’s your implant. You can look at it from all sorts of different sides, see what it looks like, hit OK. And then all of a sudden it appears on the screen.

You grab it bodily, right like about there. Move it over to the tip of it is into the position that you want the tip to be in. Then you grab the top of it and you rotate it down. Might have to move it over a second time. Let’s grab it again here.

There it is. Okay. But you can see how even a two millimeter wide implant has a hard time fitting into a bone that’s only 4 mm wide.