Face Masks & The Healthmate Plus

Hi, I’m Dr. Todd Shatkin and welcome to this Monday Morning Minute. Today is a great day here in Buffalo. It’s beautiful, the sun shining, and I wanted to come to you to talk to you about what we’re doing as a company with ,Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® A little bit more. We’ve talked about this for the past many weeks, but I have some good news. Number one, our N 95 mask making machine is N route to Buffalo and should be here within a couple of weeks. And we’re going to get that thing all hooked up. And by the first or second week of June, we’re going to hopefully be making N 95 masks right here at our facility.

And as such, we want to do a special offering to you to buy out our stock of KN 95 masks. We have about 20,000 KN 95 masks in stock and we’re going to do a special offer on these. We were selling these at 795 apiece because we had to pay arm and leg to get these and have them shipped. It from China and Customs and all the stuff that goes into it.

And then the other thing I want to talk to you about is we’ve been doing a lot of research to try to find the very finest medical grade HEPA and carbon filter for your dental office. And I want you to know this machine right here, it’s very quiet. Even on full speed, it’s very quiet. And this machine will filter the air through your operatories. We recommend if you have like, 1000 square foot dental area to put two of these in. Depending on the size of your area, it should be good for 400 to 500 sqft.

This machine is made right here in Buffalo by a company called Austin Air, and they’ve made us a distributor for these machines. And they are fantastic. I’ve got three of them in my dental office right now. These machines are very quiet, but they also have two HEPA filters, a pre filter, a second filter, and a carbon filter. The filters last for five years. You don’t have to worry about replacing the filter for five years. And this will circulate the air in your operatories and clean the air and make it very fresh so that you’re getting rid of the bacteria and viruses in the air.

In fact, these machines are the only ones I could find rated to filter out down to 0.1 microns of filtration particulate filtration for airborne viruses. Now we’re talking about the COVID-19 virus. That particle size is 00:12 microns. So it’s larger than this system works. It works down to zero one micron, which will definitely filter out that COVID virus when it’s airborne.

So that’s very important fit and we got rid of the first batch. There are so many doctors that are calling to order this. We call it the HealthMate plus the Shack and first Health Mate plus. It’s a wonderful, wonderful asset to have in your office to just but these are available to ship today. You can ship these immediately. Absolutely. We have unlimited quantities available. They will ship today and we’re happy to get them to you. Yeah, we number one. We overnighted a few of them and they’re not expensive, $715. So it’s a very reasonable price unit. You can use them in your office, you can use them in your house, in your bedroom, wherever you want to have very fresh HEPA filtered air with medical grade filters, certified medical grade.

So, Doc, the one machine, how much area will that about 450 to 500 sqft. In the room. So if I have a 1500 square foot dental office, we recommend three units. Three units. Okay, got you. Okay. Yeah, it’s going to work out great. It’s a great machine.

The other thing we want to talk about is the extra oral suction unit that we’ve placed an order for. And we were actually since last week, we talked last week, but we were able to negotiate a better price on those. So now we’re able to offer those units for 1995 instead of the 24 95, which we thought we were going to have to sell them for. So we’re going to have those available in about six weeks to ship out. Yes, it’s the extra oral suction that goes about a few inches away from the face. And any of the aerosol, the blood, the saliva that might get sucked up, that might go in the airborne area will be sucked away into this other HEPA filter system, which has a HEPA carbon and UV light to sterilize that.

And as far I did a little research on the UV light. It actually is a UV C three, which it’s a quicker bandwidth of light that actually kills the bacteria even faster. And this machine is really a top notch machine. What we are doing is we’re taking pre orders on the machine. So we’ve had a lot of dentists call and order it already. So what we’re doing is we’re going in whenever you call and order it, we’re going to go in by that date and that’s how we ship them out to your office. So the minute they hit, we’ll be shipping them out in that order. Right. So order yours today.

We have 140 of those coming, so get on the list for those. The lab is open. We’ve been open the whole time. We’re doing all lab cases, mini implant cases, plus other cases. A lot of doctors regular labs are closed so they’re sending cases to us to do their conventional crown and bridge. We’re happy to do it. Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® Lab is open and running and we’re getting busier and busier. Now, over 30 states are back in business as far as dental offices. So things are really picking up. We’re getting cases every day. We’re selling implants.

Of course, I’m going to tell you again about the mono implant. Anybody who hasn’t tried the mono needs to try it because you are going to love this mono implant system. I’ve placed over 200 now and I still have not had one failure. Now, these come in a 30, a three, three, a 375, and a 4.2 millimeter diameter with lengths ranging from ten to 16 mm in length. And then on top of that, of course, we have our regular 2.0 and 2.50 ball implants along with the 30 milo and the 375 milo o balls the monos have abutments that are preppable and they’re bendable.

Don’t forget that. And we bend them all the time. It’s great fits. We can angle these into the posterior tuberosity and straighten an implant out. There’s a lot of great uses for these mono implants. And again, I’m I’m truly in shock, to be honest because I’ve never in 30 years of practice used an implant system and done 200 of them and not had one failure. That, to me, is amazing. We’ve got 100% success with them. So if you’re not using the mono system you got to give it a try. You buy ten implants, you get the instrumentation.

That’s correct. If you buy the ten monos any size you’d like they come in lengths of 1011 and a half, 13 and 16. You get any implant you’d like. As far as size goes, we give you the contra angle, the surgical ratchet wrench, the ratchet driver and we’ll give you all the pilot drills you need to place these implants. And just like you said, Doc, we’re getting a tremendous amount of positive feedback on this implant so we’re very excited to have it in our offering.

You’ll also get the thumb driver that you take the implant out of the vial. With that, you go to the mouth and you start threading it into the bone. After you make your pilot hole the pilot hole will either be a 1.5, a 2.0, or a 25, depending on what size implant you’re using. And you just thread that in by hand until it gets hard. Pull off the cap on the driver on the implant. Either put your ratchet driver on or use the contra angle driver which is what I use most of the time. They go in very, very easily. They’re engaging the bone. You’re going to reach that 30 newton centimeters of torque very quickly. The implants are solid and strong, and you can torque them into place, and they’re just not failing. It’s just amazing. It’s absolutely awesome.

So anyway, that’s pretty much what we want to talk about today on the Monday Morning Minute. Stay healthy, stay safe. Make sure you keep testing your staff. Check their temperatures every day. Check your patients, treat them with kit gloves. Make sure you protect your staff and your environment. This air filtration system will help you. The N 95 Masks will help you. You need to take care of all that stuff for your state guidelines and the CDC. But we know if you get back to work and you stay safe, you can be very happy and successful in 2020.