Chicago Midwinter 2020

Hi, I’m Dr. Todd Shatkin, and welcome to this Monday Morning Minute. I’m here with Fitz in Chicago at the Midwinter dental meeting. It happens to be Friday. We’re recording this on Friday for the Monday Morning Minute which will be coming up this Monday. But we’re so excited to be here at the Chicago Midwinter dental meeting. We just got done yesterday with an amazing course.

Fitz, what do you think? This is unbelievable. Many implants are growing so fast. We got to become part of it. What about your live surgery yesterday? We needed three patients. I did a single tooth, a denture stabilization and a roundhouse bridge, all in a matter of 2 hours. We put in 16 implants on three separate patients and I gave a 45 minutes lecture and a total of 3 hours time. It was unbelievable. Everything went great.

And then our booth got so busy with all the there were over 400 people at the time. Was it almost 600 people there? There were so many people joined the mini dental implantation. It’s unreal. And the brown light acridge with a Zantex frame that Dr. Thierry Giorno developed for us. This is what it is. It’s a patented Zantex framework with porcelain teeth all the way around it. Emacs porcelain crown snapped onto the mini implant. That’s our fixed on six procedure. We did it yesterday. We actually put his head implant dr.

Broomhead called me this morning. He said the patient is doing phenomenal. No pain. He didn’t need any aspirin, nothing. And he’s doing great. He’s the happiest guy in the world. Thank Mark Broomhead for bringing that patient to us and letting us do the case on him along with Dr. Jim Tharp who set up the other two cases that we did. Everything went fantastic. This place is phenomenal. We had so many people over here. After the course. We’d love to see you at an upcoming program. We’re going to have something really exciting to introduce at our March course fence.

Talk to him about our we have a new implant coming out. We call it the mono. It is a solution for our one piece. And I’ll tell you, this is an unbelievable implant. Dr. Shatkin has been using it for about a month and a half now and he loves it. It’s a bendable implant. So stay tuned. Get out to our course in Buffalo and you’ll see everything about it.

If you liked our one piece implants from the past you are absolutely going to love these mono implants that we’ve designed for you. Come out and learn about it in March at our advanced programs. You’ll see me play some. I look forward to seeing you next Monday on the Monday Morning Minute. See on the Monday Morning Minute. Thanks for being here. Bye. From Chicago.