Cementing an Upper Roundhouse

So this is my patient Dan and we did upper and lower roundhouse implants a month ago. We’re getting ready to cement his upper implants today. So we’re just checking the implants here. So I’m just tapping on them to check the stability of all the implants. And all of them are good. We’ve got twelve all of implants in there and they’re all nice and solid. We’ve got our Zirconia porcelain roundhouse bridge, layered porcelain bridge that we’re going to be cementing now. We’ve already tried it in and I’ve done a little bit of adjustment to his lower temporary to adjust the bite. So this is all ready to go ahead and dry the teeth.

So we’ll dry everything up. And I’m using the Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® Resin cement. I’m going to fill all the holes about three quarters of the way. Go ahead and seat that and bite together for me. Open bite nice and tight. Just hold that together. Just bite. Just hold that for a couple of minutes. Okay. So is that hard enough? For about three minutes then we’ll clean up the cement.

So I’m just going to go around the gum line and make sure that there’s no access cement still stuck to the upper round house and remove it with my Explorer. The upper bridge work is cemented now and has it all cleaned up and make the minor adjustments to the collision. So that was cement of an upper roundhouse bridge. Thank you again for joining us on this Monday Morning minute. We’ll see you next time.