Case Plan and H2o Floss

Hi, I’m Dr. David Powers and welcome to this Monday Morning Minute. Hey, I wanted to talk to you guys about how excited I am to be here with working with Dr. Shatkin. Between Dr. Shatkin and I, we have placed almost 50,000 mini dental implants and have planned thousands and thousands of cases for you guys in order to give you the best possible outcome of your cases. We want you to know one thing that we need from you. We need a good polyvinyl implant depression. We need a good bite, a clear X ray, 3D or 2D and a completed lab slip in order for us to give you the best possible treatment plan or treatment for your patients.

One thing that Dr. Shatkin and I like to do here is give our patients one of these Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® Water flossers and give them some oral health care instructions to take care of those teeth and those mini little implants that we just put in there. It’s a great customer service idea and we just make sure that every patient that we’ve done many dental implants on leaves with one of these. Thanks for joining me on this Monday morning minute. We’ll see you next week.