Bite Registration

Hi, I’m Dr. Todd Shatkin, and welcome to this Monday morning Minute. Good morning. I’m Kevin. I’m the laboratory manager of the Crown and Bridge lab. This morning, I’d like to just mention a couple of things that are a concern up here in the laboratory that we see that slows down the procedure of your case. When we receive cases with no bite registrations, we have to put those cases on hold until we get the proper bite material.

To start your cases, we need an upper model, lower model, and a bite registration. If we get those three things, we can start your case right away and keep things rolling. If we have to proceed with getting a bite, your case is going to be delayed probably at least a week to a week and a half, because we would have to make you bite block material, setup, send it out. Then you have to get your patient in, take the bites, and send it back. So in order to streamline things a little bit better, please make sure you provide those three things to us. I want to thank you for joining us again on this Monday Morning Minute and we’ll see you next time.