Acteon Piezotome® CUBE

With Piezotome® CUBE, bone surgery can be performed much faster with maximum power output and patient safety. 

The CUBE is especially effective with atraumatic extractions.  Socket preservation, decreased patient pain and post operative swelling are enhanced with CUBE facilitating immediate implant placement.

Expand Your Surgical Expertise

Highly powerful, reliable and versatile, Piezotome® CUBE drastically improves the experience of bone surgery procedures.

Give Value To Your Treatments

The CUBE’s unmatched performance combined with the practitioner’s clinical expertise facilitates accurate, faster, atraumatic and more predictable bone treatments.

Less Trauma For Your Patients

Provide compassionate clinical care with effective, predictable outcomes and enhanced healing, significantly less swelling, pain and complications. For extractions, socket preservation is paramount for immediate implant placement. The CUBE will help you achieve these goals

Tissue Preservation

Frequency modulation is controlled for soft tissue preservation and better tissue recovery.

Linear tip vibrations and tip thinness provide precise and smooth cut resulting in minimal bone loss 

Controlled irrigation flow reaches the end of the tip regardless of the orientation to reduce risk of bone over heating

Power, When You Need It

With Newtron® technology, automatic and continuous frequency adjustment guarantees the level of power required in any situation.

Dynamic Power System Inside (DPSI) continuously monitors tip pressure to deliver immediate power responsiveness, only when it is needed. 
According to the resistance encountered, the D.P.S.I. provides: 
– Increase + 30% the power for improved cutting performance 
– Decrease – 10% the power, to be safer on soft tissues


Superior Outcomes

Fast and less invasive protocols

Less traumatic surgical treatment that will improve patient acceptance and help them to get back in their life.


Each tip is designed to be adapted to patient anatomy. The exclusive range of surgical tips permits surgeons to broaden their surgical portfolio and get inspired to expand their expertise: 
– Atraumatic extractions preserving the table bone
– Accelerated orthodontic treatment (Piezocision)
– Precise crown lengthening
– Predictable healing bone grafting
– Safe lateral sinus lift
– Crestal sinus lift providing better patient’s acceptance
– Crest Splitting leaving the bone periosteum intact
– Orthodontic Bone Stretching (O.B.S.) offering an alternative to ankylosed tooth extraction or malpositioned implant

Meet Clinical Demands

Smaller footprint and touch sensitive screen for direct access to all device settings

Weighted multi-functional foot pedal provides absolute control of the device – No assistance is needed

Robust tips strengthened with surface treatments for long life

Autoclavable or single use irrigation lines available.

Evidence Based Benefits

– Safety
– Bone preservation
– Comfort
– Less post-operative pain
– Optimal visibility
– Superior healing