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Here at Shatkin FI.R.S.T., you have the latest advances in mini dental implant procedures. With the F.I.R.S.T.® Technique (Fabricated Implant Restoration and Surgical Technique) you have the ability to restore a patient’s teeth in one appointment without the need to remove healthy tooth structure!

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With the knowledgeable guidance of Todd E. Shatkin, DDS (President Emeritus International Academy of Mini Dental Implants) reviewing and planning your implant cases, you will have the confidence to provide these exciting mini dental implant services knowing that you have a team of experienced professionals to assist you. Your patients will love the fact they do not need to wait 6 to 12 months for the healing and restoring of their implants. They will appreciate the minimal investment of their time to complete the process and will value you as their dentist for recommending mini dental implants to them!

This simple procedure features the use of a surgical stent for the placement of the mini implant and the restoration(s) in the same appointment. This happens with minimal patient discomfort in less than an hour of chair-time in most cases. These techniques will allow you to provide excellent quality mini dental implant restorations at very affordable fees to your patients, and at the same time build a highly profitable mini dental implant practice with minimal up front expenses.

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