CT Surgical Stents Digital Planning Guide

CT Scanning Procedure:

  1. Take a Polyvinyl Impression
  2. For Patients with teeth take a CT Scan. Move to Step 6.
  3. For Edentulous cases place the radio opaque markers in several areas of the denture (see below). Place some markers close to the tooth-gingiva border and others close to the outer border of the denture.The markers should be equally distributed along the denture as the number or markers and the location of them attribute to the accuracy of the process.implant-markers
  4. Scan the patient with a properly seated marked denture.
  5. Scan the marked denture alone. (no patient)
  6. Send scans in DICOM format to the Shatkin FIRST Upload Portal
  7. Send corresponding PV Impression and stone model to Shatkin FIRST Lab!